ESEA Refrag is a suite of custom in-game mods including Restrat, Prefire and NADR that help you improve and analyze your game on a level never seen before.

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Restrat is the world's first real time multiplayer demo viewer. The three core modes are, Watch, Versus and Record. All of which allow you to interact with demos inside a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server.

Watch Mode

Watch mode allows you to watch a demo inside of a server with other players in real time, 0 delay with a complete suite of spectator tools needed for reviewing demos.

Versus Mode

Versus mode lets you jump inside the demo as a player, simply choose the rounds you want to play, join a team and play against any team in the world!

Record Mode

Record mode focuses on testing your tactics in-game by recording your strategy with your team and then playing it back for viewing, or play against it using versus mode.


Nadr is an in-game tool that focuses around learning and using utility at a level never seen before and other functions used when practicing and testing utility.

Trajectory Finder

Trajectory finder allows you to find grenade or utility lineups by showing you the final destination of where the grenade will land before you throw it.

Automatic Finder

Automatic finder is a really nifty tool which automatically finds the lineup for you by giving it a starting and ending point and it does the rest for you.

Must Know Utility

All current maps in the pool are preloaded with all must know utility around the map, simply choose the grenade you want to learn and it will take you right to the lineup.

Flash Tester

Test your flashes on yourself by simply teleporting yourself to the spot you are trying to flash, or simply use !throw to throw your last thrown flash to where you are standing.

Utility Share

No more spectate needed when trying to teach another player a lineup, use our simple .copy command, choose the name of the player from a list to copy their last thrown grenade.

Damage Tester

Use our custom bots, or other players in the server to test damage through walls or grenade damage with our damage printout in chat.


Play by yourself or with a friend in co-op mode on Prefire. Prefire teaches you how to prefire common positions around maps and not expose yourself to multiple positions. Fight your way to the top of the leaderboards shown in the lobby where stats are tracked in real time.

Real Time Stats

After your run, if you are top 10 your time will be recorded and displayed inside of the lobby in real time for others to see.


Prefire commonly played spots and learn how to not be exposed to multiple spots at the same time teaching you how to effectively clear a bombsite or an area of a map.


Co-Op mode allows you to play Prefire together with a friend or another player, loads of fun and challenging as the bots difficulty increases.


We take the load off of your computer by putting the bots in the server keeping your frame rate as it would be when playing a match.

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