Seasonality is now live!

Climb the ranks and win your share of the



Rank A—D


in prizes per year

Rank G


cash prizes per year

Rank S


cash prizes per year

A Fresh Start

Ranks soft-reset after each season, allowing you to track your improvement across each season as you play against other players of similar rank.

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Start Your Journey Today

Begin each season with 5 placement matches to find out where you rank.

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Become a G

Every 2 weeks the top 100 A+ players will be added to an exclusive A+ club where they will compete against each other for their own spot in Rank G.

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Rank S

Each season, the top 2 players in Rank G in NA/EU will earn a spot in Rank S!

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Don't Miss The Inaugural Season

Participants in the first season will receive an exclusive client skin and profile badge.